Clark Security Service takes the needs of their clients seriously. In the event of an emergency, there is never an opportunity for your security guards to be off their guard, and our company takes several steps in order to insure they are always in top form. This includes unannounced conduct checks from our staff, as well as an impeccable 24/7 management team.

If a need arises, principals are available to speak with the client and discuss actions taken in detail, 24 hours a day. This availability is a critical part of our service, and is one of the reasons our services are held in such high regard.

Our management team checks in on all units via mobile every hour for those working in isolated conditions, as well as overnight officers. This allows us to send out emergency services or take other necessary actions at appropriate times, no matter when and where it happens. Everyone on the management team has a detailed understanding of the employer’s post orders, and is prepared to give instructions for any situation that arises during a security officer’s work.

This combination of skilled management and high quality security officers results in superior security for every client, and is why we are one of the top recommended security firms in the nation.