Clark Security Services has been a leader in the Investigations industry for over 50 years. Many investigators on their team were formally New York City Police, and bring all their skills and training from their previous work to our firm.

Our investigative services extend across the US and even internationally, providing you with the services you need no matter where you go. We are capable of handling a variety of services, including:

  • Secret Shopping

Insure your employees are behaving appropriately, and complying with all laws and ordinances through our secret shopping services.

  • Employment Background Checks

Verify your potential employee’s credentials, and that their background is clear of all major crimes before welcoming them to your company with a detailed background check.

  • Use of database interpretation and analysis

Is your information being used appropriately, and for the right reasons, by your staff? A detailed analysis can interpret the use of your data.

  • Asset identification and location

Recover stolen items and bring them home safe with our asset identification and location services.

Clark is ready and standing by to help you with your investigations, big or small. A leader in the industry, they provide the gold standard for investigative services nationwide.