We are dedicated to providing the finest possible security services in the area. While there are a number of other competitors in the area, most of them give only meet the minimum state requirements for licensing, bonding, and liability insurance. We make it our business to exceed expectations in all aspects of our business, including having some of the highest quality insurance coverage in the industry. We are able to do this through the careful screening of potential employees, comprehensive training programs, and vigorous supervision practices.

Not only do we service the clients in New York and New Jersey directly, we offer nationwide security in all fifty states, Canada, and Puerto Rico through our Nationwide Security Affiliate Program. We carefully screen all affiliates to insure they meet the experience and management requirements to carry our name, and that they provide proof of bonding, liability insurance, as well as verifiable references.

We are a transparent company, and are willing and able to provide proof upon request of the following:

Liability Coverage – Our liability insurance exceeds the minimum recommended level and is always available for review upon request.

Workers Compensation Insurance – Our Worker’s Compensation Insurance meets all standards required by both New York and New Jersey.

Additional Insured Requests – We are willing to provide a copy of our insurance coverage when it specifically names a client as “Additional insured” upon request.

Verifiable References – We have been in the industry for 50 years. Through it we have developed many wonderful relationships with our clients, and are happy to let you speak with them.